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Budget Beauty: MUA haul & first impressions

Hey Beauties, So a few weeks ago, I got some great news about the first steps of one my goals and decided I deserve a treat to celebrate! And it'd been a hell of a long time since I last bought some new make up so I went straight to Superdrug to see if they had anything new. I ended up at the Make Up Academy stand, and picked up a few new(ish) bits that I haven't tried yet. Some of these had been out awhile but I had never tried. And I thought I'd share them on here with my first impressions of each product I picked up. First thing I picked up was this Pro-Base Primer (£4). I wanted the other primer, from the Undress Your Skin range but it wasn't there so I picked this up. Its a good primer so far, bit too tacky though. I needed a new concealer so picked up the Pro-Base Argan Plush Concealer in Fair (£3) and so far I'm impressed. I like the formula and I prefer it being a crayon concealer rather than a liquid. I will definitely do a full review

Empties #1.

Hey Lovelies, So I've been meaning to do any empties on this blog since I started it a just over a year ago, but never got round to it. Till the start of this year, when I picked a slightly smaller bag and used that to hold finished products. I've since changed what I keep them in again, and set a limit of 10-15 products in a time. I might keep it like that or I might make it monthly...depending on how many products I use in a month. So let's start with the products in my first ever empties on this blog! I'm also gonna give each product a rating like I do with reviews. Sainsbury's White Bath Cream. 3/5 This was ok, nothing amazing but a good bubble bath. It smells pretty nice, a very gentle fresh scent, perfect for those with more sensitive noses. Imperial Leather Signature Paradise Island Bath Cream. 5/5 I loved this! I won't say too much on it as I'll be reviewing this and another one on the blog pretty soon. But it smells gorgeo

Mouthy Mondays: Riley Update

Hey Beauties, So this post was supposed to go up last Monday but for some reason it didn't upload probably so action replay this week and hopefully this one works! I had hoped to be back blogging last week but both the posts I scheduled failed for whatever reason so it killed my motivation a bit but a week of happy memories and loads of Netflix (I got myself it as a reward for getting back into blogging...missed Netflix!) Its been quite awhile since I put up my first post on Riley, so I thought I'd do a small little update with loads of pictures of my little Madam ❤ Especially this one I took of her snoozing on the bed yesterday! She's currently sat at the bottom of the bed watching me like she's ready to pounce, which is one of her favourite pastimes, using me as human bouncy castle! So, let's start where we left off. She had her kittens but sadly none of them made it in the end :( We lost them all, not completely sure why but it was a very sad time