Mouthy Mondays: Setting & Achieving Goals.

Hey lovelies,

   So it's Monday again and the start of a new week full of new opportunities waiting to be seized and memories to be made.

   And time to start working on those goals you set at the start of the year. Which is what today's Mouthy Monday is about, setting yourself goals and ways to help achieve them.
   So let's get stuck into it!

First off, setting the goals.

   Pick goals for yourself, not what other people want you to pick. Its your goal, your life. If you pick a goal because someone else wants you to do it or you want to impress people with them and your heart is not in you won't achieve it. So set goals that you feel you want to achieve and already your off to a flying start.

   Be specific but realistic. Know exactly what it is you want to do, but also realistic. You want to save money, for example, but to set yourself the goal to save a million pounds in a year, unless your crazy rich or win the lottery, it just isnt gonna happen and you're automatically setting yourself up to fail. So be specific but think realistic when thinking of your goals, something you want to do and something that with some commitment and hard work you can realistically achieve.

   So now gets onto achieving them goals!

   Set a deadline for your goals...not a set in stone, 'must hand this goal into the teacher by this date' deadline but a deadline of roughly when you will like to achieve this by. It gives you something you a measurable timeline to work to and a date to see results by...whether its the full results or how far you've come. And also be realistic with your deadline too.

   For example, one of my goals is to lose weight via slimming world and to reward myself at target by getting the tattoo I want done, and my deadline is August/September. Which is realistic as it allows me to lose weight at a healthy pace, allows for bad weeks and also gives me time to save for the tattoo and find a tattoo studio. If I had however said I want to lose it by March it wouldn't be a suitable deadline as it wouldn't be healthy. So when you set your deadlines, be realistic and give yourself a fair chance of achieving your goal.

 Plan plan plan! For each goal you have, create a plan of action...what steps you need to take to achieve the goal and anything else you would need to do. It breaks the goal up into smaller, mini goals that make it easier to achieve, you won't feel overwhelmed by your goal or confused on what to do, and achieving each step will give you that extra boost of motivation that you may find you need along the way.

   And finally, take action! Don't just talk the talk, you also gotta walk that walk! Do the things on your action plan, and if it helps have them somewhere visual...somewhere you will see them everyday to remind you what you gotta do. And review them regularly, sometimes you might feel like giving up because it seems like your getting nowhere, but reviewing your process will help you see how far you've come. 

  But remember its OK to have an off day or week, but don't give up on yourself or your can do this!

    Till the next time,




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