2015 Goals.

Hey lovelies,

(First a little side note, I'm having to use my phone to get this post up so the please forgive the change in layout and any spelling errors I overlook!)

Anyway onto today's post, its now 2015 and we all know what the start of a new year means, resolutions/ new year goals! And today's even more special...I started this little blog a year ago today! A big thank you to everyone that has made this blog amazing with all your support, comments and love! Here's to making it even better in 2015!


I'll do a 2014 recap when I have access to a laptop as that's gonna be a lengthy one to write! But I thought I'd share my goals for the year ahead as my first post of the year (and hopefully I'll be able to blog more frequently this year! )

So let's get stuck in!


1. Find the happiness in everyday, even if its something small. Appreciate the little things! 

2. Finally turn my flat into a home.

3.  Start saving regularly and learn to manage my money better!

4. Have more (random) adventures with the people I love. And spent more time with my family.

5. Don't let my anxiety hold me back anymore...say 'yes' to the things that scare me and fight my anxiety better!

6. Get down to my target at Slimming World and get my first tattoo to celebrate!

7. Read more often.

8. Get back into photography and get a camera again!

9. Keep a diary to remember all the amazing memories and start a scrapbook of the year for all the memories waiting to be made.

10. Quite simple, be happy! And smile.
Blog & beauty related.

1. Get more organised (this relates to non blog life too!).

2. Start investing in new equipment to help blogging (and everyday life)...new laptop, new camera (ties in with personal goal 7 and 8 too).

3. Try new brands. Experiment more.

4. One in, one out. (Basically don't have too many products open at once.

5. Don't beat myself up for not blogging as often as others/in a different way to others...blog in the way that makes you happy!


So that's all my goals for the year, a fair few but nothing too impossible especially if I put my heart and mind completely into them!

What are your goals for 2015? And remember nothing is impossible if you believe.

Have a fab weekend my lovely lot,




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