Recent Purchases - Primark.

Hey Lovelies,

I have another little haul for you today. Last payday, I went on a little shopping trip with my friend and came back with a rather large Primark bag (and a few other things), and today I am sharing with you lovely lot what i picked up! It being Autumn (Woo favourite season at last!), It's getting chiller and I needed to pick up a few items to keep warm through Autumn and winter...and I'm loving their Autumn/Winter collection this year...cosy jumpers, chunky boots and cute beanies make for one very happy Gemma!

So let's get stuck in!


The main thing I was looking for was a new beanie. I already have 3 but each year I buy a new one (or several :p) to replace any that are looking a little old (though this also rarely happens! :p). And as soon as I saw this ridiculously cute fox hat I knew I had to have it! And of course, I couldn't leave without the matching gloves. Cute animal designs are just too hard to resist (Any excuse!).


On the sticking to the subject of cute things, I found this adorable Minnie Mouse faux-stocking tights that are just gorgeous! Can't wait to see what I could style them up with!


Please excuse the bad photo, I thought I had taken a better photo but nope they are all like this (Bad blogger Gem!). I never really felt comfortable in myself to wear something like this knitted jumper dress before, but since losing weight over the last few years (and still going) I've become a lot more comfortable with my body shape and know what works on me better now and I love how this looks on! And it's so cosy! My mum said I looked like a school teacher in it (but in a good way apparently), and it does have abit of a Clara Oswald feel too it...which I'm not complaining at!


This little beauty isn't too everyone's tastes but I love it. It was in the sale for £7 and I think it would look lovely with the sleeves rolled up and throw over something girly to edge it up a little or just with my normal everyday wear of jeans and vest. And it'll come in handy keeping me warm on those cold nights when I play Airsoft!


And a little weird one to share but I just had to! And it's not like I'm sharing a picture of them on me (that I reserve for certain eyes i trust only ;)). I couldn't resist the cuteness of these (I am a grown up I swear!), especially the Minions ones! And how can you not love the others...Primark always have the cutest underwear to indulge my inner child with!

So that's everything I picked up in Primark, I also picked up a pair of leggings and socks but didn't see the point in sharing them in a blog post.

 Have you picked up anything new in Primark recently?

Share in all the usual ways!

Till the next time,



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