Lush Haul: Halloween/Christmas 2014

Hey Lovelies,

Finally getting round to posting this haul! Been having issues with uploading from my phone but I finally seem to have it I can now share what I picked up from Lush a few weeks ago (The Majority of which is already used!).


It's every Lush lovers favourite time of year...when they spoil us with Halloween and Christmas themed treats...and Halloween is sadly over but I think a few of the Halloween pieces might be around for a few more weeks at least, if not longer. And of course, the Christmas range is around till the end of loads of time to go spoil yourself and those you love with sparkly bath treats and delicious smelling shower gels!


So let's get stuck into the delights I picked up for myself!


The first thing that went into my basket (And I wish I had picked up more!), Is Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb (Buy here). which is part of the Halloween range. I first tried this last year and I was glad to see that it's back for another year. It has a gorgeous spicy Herbal Smell and looks amazing as it dissolves in your bath. Starting off green to reveal the inner deep-wine coloured centre which leaves your bath water looking as amazing as it feels on your skin! I need to go pick up some more asap!


Another returning favourite of mine this year, is Candy Mountain Bubble Bar £2.75 (Buy Here.) If your a fan of Snow Fairy, Creamy Candy or Rockstar will love this bubble bar! The sweet candy smell is a winner with a lot of people...I've showed my friends this and now they all want one! It's the perfect bathtime treat...smells heavenly (and the scent lingers on your skin and in the air around your house for ages!), and you  can get about 3-5 baths out of it roughly which isn't bad for the price!


And another returning product! Cinders Bath Bomb £2.50 (Buy Here.) Cinders is a lovely sweet and spicy bath bomb, with the main scent being cinnamon, If you don't like classic cinnamon smell, this isn't one for you. But I love this as an occasional treat, the luxurious scent combined with a nourishing, pale gold coloured bath makes for the perfect winter evening pamper!


Finally onto the items I picked up that I had never tried before! Starting with the amazing Christmas Eve Bubble Bar £2.95 (Buy here.) This was out last year but it never appealed to me  but this year I decided to give it a go! The combination of Ylang Ylang and Jasmine make this an indulgent bubble bar that is perfect for a bit of pre-date or Christmas party pampering! And the water is so silky and nourishing...leaves my skin feeling heavenly after! Definitely picking up more!


This is officially the cutest thing I have ever bought from Lush! The Christmas Hedgehog £3.25 (Buy here.) The only problem I had with it, was picking it up instore because the blue 'spikes' of the hedgehog was pretty soft in store and it felt like it could have broken in my hands if I gripped it too tightly (word of advice: Keep it somewhere cool and you won't have this problem...I think the heat of the store was affecting it as I didn't have the same issue at home.) This smells really subtle too, so if you're not a fan of strong scents, this will be perfect for you.


Finally I picked up a new shower gel from Lush. I was gonna get another bottle of Snow Fairy, but I still had a bottle left from last year so decided to try one of the new ones and i settled on Hot Toddy Shower Gel £3.95 for 100g  (Buy here.) As soon as I smelt this I knew it had to go in my basket, smells almost drinkable (Please don't drink it...i'm pretty it doesn't taste as good as a real Hot Toddy!). The combination of cinnamon, ginger and lemon make this the perfect winter pick me's like a cosy winter night in a bottle! I will be purchasing several bottles this year!

So that's everything I picked up at Lush, and we all know I'll be back there soon purchasing more goodies!

Have you picked up any of the new range in Lush yet?

Till the next time,



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