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Hey Lovelies,

HAPPY FRIDAY! I've got a new feature I'll be doing regularly on my blog for you today to celebrate the fact the week is over!

I've done something similar to this on my blog and I wanted to bring it back on this blog. Currently loving is as simple as it sounds, it's the things I'm currently loving! Whether it be a beauty product, film, a fashion can be anything and everything! Think I'll do it twice a month, and maybe start doing monthly favourites as well soon. I'm try to stick to 5 or less items (though today's is 8), just so it don't get too long winded and drag on for ages (though we all know I can ramble on for ages about anything!).

So let's get stuck in and have a look at what I'm currently loving!


1. The Shoes! These are technically my mum's and she lent me them a few weeks ago for a night out for my Uncle's birthday and I kept them to use as part of my Halloween costume and now I want a pair myself (or to keep my mums :p). Their not my usual style, I don't wear heels often and when I do they are not open toe or sandal style. But these  look amazing with a pair of black tights and make me that little bit taller...which is needed when your just under 5' 5''!  Their from Primark in the summer so unfortunately probably not around anymore but I'll be keeping my eyes peeled!

2. Medal of Honor: Warfighter (Xbox 360). My best friend first started playing this whilst I was visiting and I got that hooked on watching the game-play I had to go and buy it even though I don't get my own console till Christmas! But I've been playing it on a friend's Xbox and I have so much love for this game! Though currently I'm stuck on a sniper part and its driving me insane! But otherwise I'm really enjoying this game. Might do some research and then review it on my other blog when I do eventually finish it!

3. Apartment 16 by Adam Nevill. It's been awhile since a book has fully caught my attention but I am really liking this atm. I'm only a few chapters in but so far it's a really intriguing read and looking forward to getting into the story more.

5. I don't have a picture of the 5th thing I'm currently loving, as well I used it to take the photo! At the start of October I decided it was about time I upgraded my phone as it was way past it prime and I could barely do anything on it. So I ordered the Samsung Galaxy 3 Mini and I've been loving it ever since. It has it's moments like any phone but I love having more space to have whatever I want on my phone and its a nifty little phone...and has proven to me yet again why I prefer Samsung over the Iphone.

6. To go along with my phone, because we all know how temperamental smart phones are with battery life, I picked up a Power Bank which is a portable charger you plug your USB cable into and away you go. I bought it originally to go Blackpool with me but don't do what I do, make sure you charge it up first properly! I picked mine up in a local shop in Coventry but I'm pretty sure you can find them on Ebay/Amazon or around your local city too.

7. Maybelline Baby Lips...the hero product for my lip in winter! With the cold creeping in, I've had one of my many Baby Lips at arms reach all the time, ready to protect my lips from the elements. My current favourite is this Minty one and a purple one from the Electro range (I've forget the names!).

8. Fox Beanie & Gloves.  I mentioned these in my post yesterday and i had to include them...I've been wearing the beanie all the time and the gloves are at hand for the days when it's extra chilly. And it's not just me who loves the beanie, I've had a few people tell me they love my hat now!

What have you been loving recently?

Till the next time,



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