'What greater gift than the love of a cat'

Hey Beauties,

Wise Words from the legend that is Charles Dickens...there's nothing greater than being a cat owner and that bond you form with them.

As you'll know from my Instagram, you'll know I have a black & white kitty called Riley, who is also currently a mummy cat to four adorable kittens who are almost a month old. And I thought as a little Friday treat, I'd post a little something about them and a few pictures of the cuties!

It was a hard decision for me to get a cat again. After having to re-home Ridley at the start of the year, I was genuinely heartbroken as I had her from a kitten and loved her to pieces...she was the one thing that kept me smiling most days. But I was missing the company of a cat and missed the bond you share with your cat. I was going to buy a gorgeous white male kitten but then heartbreak hit again when my best friend's cat died at only 2 years old (the cat in the photo below), and I knew I still wasn't ready for a cat.

2014-07-07 06.58.28

But then a few weeks later I was asked to re-home a cat for a friend and after some consideration, I felt ready to bring a cat back into my life again. My flat still felt lonely and I knew I was missing the company of pets. And that's when Riley came into my life, She was apparently 8 months when I got her (but I reckon she's over a year), and at the time called Molly. I really didn't like her name as it didn't really suit her personality and it's more of a dog's name than a cat's.

2014-09-05 13.19.34-1

I came up with her name thanks to Call of Duty: Ghosts. I was playing it one day and the name of the dog in the campaign is Riley and it stuck in my head and when I saw my cat later that day, I looked at her and knew it was the perfect name for her. She's a feisty little thing who loves to stroll around my flat like she owns the joint and loves nothing than showing me affection...seriously she's a stalker kitty!

One thing I didn't know when I got her, and was in shock when I found out: was that she was pregnant when sold to me and I came home on Monday 1st September to find 4 little bundles of cuteness curled up in my washing bag!

2014-09-02 12.24.29 2014-09-02 14.54.28

I was in shock at first, and pretty angry for being lied to about my cat, but I decided I'd keep her and the kittens until they are old enough to re-home. And just look at them, who could say no to the cuteness. There was 2 boys and 2 girls (If i sexed them right), and they all have the cuteness meow, even though it does get annoying at 3am!

But sadly last week, when they were 3 & half weeks old, I sadly lost one of the girls. They're at the stage of walking around now and managed to escape their box, but for some reason she wasn't able to and I think that's how we ended up losing her. It hit me pretty hard since I've gone attached to them all and If I had the room and the money, I'd keep them all and have a crazy little cat family going on.

2014-09-27 09.13.32 2014-09-27 09.09.08

 They are growing well, and have personalities coming through already. There's the timid girl in the picture above and loves to curl up into you if you sit next to her, there's the bouncy male who is still mastering the art of walking and will walk a few paces and decide to hop and loves to follow me around the room doing so. And then there's Bear, who is the one I've decided I'm gonna keep. he is the most outgoing of the litter and likes to climb over everything in his sight, including me. He's been nicknamed Bear simply because of his claws, and he has the habit of using them to dig in tightly as he climbs up me.

2014-09-29 14.20.33 2014-09-29 14.20.23 2014-09-17 09.30.38 2014-09-27 09.10.05

I'd love to keep them all like I said, but it's simply not possible...I hope to re-home them with friends so I can make sure they go to loving people and then still watch them grow up into adult cats, but if not I'll be making sure they go to loving homes because I don't want to be shipped from home to home like their mum was before I got her.

I'll post another update on them just before they get re-homed, and of course there will be loads of photos of them on my Instagram and Twitter.

Share your pet stories below, I love anything pet related!

Till the next time,



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