October Goals.

Hey Beauties,

Since it's the start of a new month, I thought i'd do another Goals post. I haven't done one since June so it's about time I come up with some new goals for the month ahead!
So let's get stuck in!

1. Read more.

Now that it's getting chiller, it's the perfect time for me to get back into reading. I used to read non-stop but it's been such a busy few months I just hardly have the time...even though my book pile still kept growing! So I'm gonna look forward to some chilly evenings wrapped up with a cuppa and a book at hand!


2. Improve my Blog Photography.

Using only my phone at the moment, I've noticed sometimes I've been abit lazy with the photos I've been taking for the blog and ended up not using them when I went back and looked over them because I didn't like the quality of them etc. So I'm gonna start working on making them better, working out things like what background to use etc and what angles work better. And then hopefully by the time I have a camera again it'll be back to it's usually good standards or even better!

3. Don't let my anxiety hold me back & stop being so hard on myself!

There have been days in the past month where I have changed my mind on plans because my anxiety has played up and I missed out a lot of things. In September, I had a joint birthday party with a close friend and there was gonna be people I didn't know there and usually that makes me anxious, but I decided to focus on the positives and I headed up having a really good time. And I've got a few things going up in October/November that I feel anxious about but don't want to miss out on so I'm gonna find ways to overcome this so I can go and have a great time! And also try to stop being so hard on myself, I'm always so encouraging of others it's about time I am for myself too!


4. Get more organised!

This was in June's goals and I'll admit I failed at the time...but I need to start managing my time better so I can blog and fit in everything else into my day and getting organised is the way to do that...so time to pull my finger out and start sorting things...especially if I get a job soon!

Do you have any goals for October?

Share below or on Twitter :)

Till the next time,



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