Lush Review: Snow Fairy Shower Gel.

Hey Lovelies,

As Christmas is 6 weeks away (time please slow down a little!) I thought it's about time I start getting through my Christmas reviews for Lush so you lovely lot have time to go and buy them before they all disappear for another year!

So without further rambles, let's start with my favourite Christmas product ever single year, Snow Fairy!

2014-10-07 15.06.11

What Lush say:

Add some Christmas sparkle to your day with this candy-sweet shower gel. Snow Fairy is back again this year, bringing its fairy dust magic into your shower, now with the addition of skin-softening seaweed. 


£3.75 for 100g / £7.50 for 25og / £11.95 for 500g.
You can buy it here or in Lush stores Nationwide.

2014-10-07 15.05.55

My Thoughts:

Snow Fairy has become a staple in my winter beauty supplies since the first time I tried it 2 0r 3 years ago, and a few of my friends have fallen in love with it simply because of smelling it on me (It lingers on your skin for a long time!).

It smells simply divine...a gorgeous candy sweet scent...reminds me of being 12 and eating Candy Floss in Disneyland Paris! Not everyone likes sweet smells, I don't like overly scent perfumes but this is the perfect sweet scent...not overly sweet making it sickly, just the perfect blend of sweetness to make you smell simply delicious!

It's really nourishing on the skin too, which is something a lot of shower gels aren't...but all the ones I've used from Lush are and double up as bubble bath too...they don't make as many bubbles as the bubble bars but still make a pretty good amount for an amazing bath that fills your house with the scent of Candy. And as I mentioned above, when used as a shower gel it lingers on your skin hours afterwards...leaving your skin smelling amazing!

2014-10-07 15.06.38

  •  Smells amazing!
  • Nourishes your skin...unlike some other shower gels in Drugstores.
  •  Doubles up as a pretty good Bubble Bath.
  •  Scent Lingers.
  •  Price...I don't mind paying so much though because of the quality and it being made without nasty chemicals.


This is one of those little things that it wouldn't be Christmas without, and makes the perfect stocking filler (Hint hint ;) ) Go get a bottle or two NOW!


Have you tried Snow Fairy?

Are you as addicted as me?

Till the next time,



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