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My Prince's Trust Team Programme Journey...Part One.

Hey Lovelies, I've mentioned once on the blog before and oh so many times on Twitter, that back at the end of May, I joined the Prince's Trust Team Programme. So I thought I'd write a few posts about my experience, as it was such a big part of my life for 3 months and has made such a impact on me and has helped me in so many ways, I'd like to share my experience to you lovely readers and maybe there's a few of you out there that want to join...which I encourage you to do wholeheartedly. So go grab yourself a beverage of choice and something to nom on (go on, treat yourself!), this is gonna be a long post! I made the decision to start the programme through the advice of a couple of friends at the time and I was fed up of feeling like I was doing nothing with my life. I was stuck on Job-seeker's (Still am, but hopefully that will change very soon) getting nowhere with my job searching. I was also struggling to motivate myself and manage my mental health,