My Top Ten...Ways to lift your mood.

Hey Beauties,

The other day when thinking of new ideas for posts, and I decided to write this post! Just as a little dose of feel good on the blog :)

1. Pamper Time.

A girly day/evening to myself is always a good mood lifter. I run a bath using my favourite bath product, usually something from Lush, Light some candles, put my music on and grab a book...then sit back and relax until I feel better. And if that doesn't work, throw a face maskfor good measure. Sometimes it's as simple as painting my nails.

2. Go Outside.

When I'm stressed out and feel like I need a break from everything, sometimes a slow walk around somewhere beautiful or just around the city centre is just what I need. It gives me a chance to get some fresh air and this often helps to clear my head and perk my mood back up to normal happy me.

3. Gossiping with your best friends.

This one is one of my favourite ways to perk my mood back up after a rough day. Nothing beats the blues quite like having a gossip about anything and everything over a cuppa...instant cure!

4. Do something nice for someone.

This may seem like a strange one for some people, but sometimes seeing the smile on someone's face when you've helped them out, whether it's treating them because they've also had a rough day or just offering to make them a's a good feeling knowing that you've helped someone out, even if it's just a small gesture.

5. Exercise.

If my friends saw this, they'd be laughing! Gemma Exercise? what nonsense! But after a week in Wales where I was walking up mountains, kayaking and everything else...I can safely say exercise is a great mood booster. Exercise can be a simple as a brisk walk around the park or going for a swim at your local pool...for me, I'm making the most out of my college's gym and joining a local kayaking society (as Kayaking was the one activity that completely boosted my mood whilst away.)

6.Pet time.

Pets are perfect little helpers when your feeling low in mood, whether you have a cat or a tiny hamster. And they always seem to notice when your in that low mood and come to cheer you up all by themselves. If you haven't got a pet, go see if you can volunteer at a pet shelter or go see a friend with a pet.

7. Music on, world out!

If i'm out and about and I feel my mood dropping, I put my headphones in, blast my music to full volume and ignore the world around me...obviously you can't do this in college or work (unless your working on individual projects and say that the music helps you focus.)

8. Date Yourself.

This sounds so corny, but for some people it works. Take yourself out for dinner, or a cinema time and spend some quality time with yourself. And if it feels too weird, then take along a friend. But take yourself out somewhere and enjoy yourself.

9. Buy yourself a treat. 

Not everyone is made of money, I certainly ain't! But if I've had one of those weeks that have killed my mood completely...then when payday comes around, I will head out and treat myself to something...whether it's just a drink from Costa or a new book, it's a little treat to myself to perk me up and I don't have to have all the money in the world to do so. For some people, it could a new lipstick or a new Top Gear DVD...treat yourself to something you love that you know will lift your mood :)

10.  Make time to do your favourite pastime/hobby. 

Finally, make time for your favourite hobby...whether it's playing an instrument, reading a book or sewing...make time each day for it...even it's just ten minutes. The different it makes is amazing, I always feel more relaxed afterwards which is always a plus.


So that's my top 10 ways to lift your mood, they work for me and hopefully they'll help you too :) And if you have any other ideas, please share in the comments below or on twitter :)
And I also decided to start the 100 days of happy challenge on Instagram, where for 100 days you post a daily picture of something that has made you happy that day, however small or grand. I think it will be another great way to lift my mood, as I can look back and see that something has made me happy each day for 100 days and that even when I felt low, something  made me happy that day!

Till the next time,




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