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My Top Ten...Ways to lift your mood.

Hey Beauties, The other day when thinking of new ideas for posts, and I decided to write this post! Just as a little dose of feel good on the blog :) 1. Pamper Time. A girly day/evening to myself is always a good mood lifter. I run a bath using my favourite bath product, usually something from Lush, Light some candles, put my music on and grab a book...then sit back and relax until I feel better. And if that doesn't work, throw a face maskfor good measure. Sometimes it's as simple as painting my nails. 2. Go Outside. When I'm stressed out and feel like I need a break from everything, sometimes a slow walk around somewhere beautiful or just around the city centre is just what I need. It gives me a chance to get some fresh air and this often helps to clear my head and perk my mood back up to normal happy me. 3. Gossiping with your best friends. This one is one of my favourite ways to perk my mood back up after a rough day. Nothing beats the blues

Mouthy Monday: June Goals.

Hey Beauties, As you read this I will be on a minibus heading to Wales for the week with The Prince's Trust. And it's gonna be a challenge for me, being away from home for longer than I'm used to and stepping out of my comfort zone..but it's also going to be really good for me! And in the light of this, I decided each month I'm gonna set myself  a few small goals for the month. I saw this idea first on Dorkface , a lovely blog run by Jemma and I loved the idea so I thought I'd put my own version up on my blog! Let's get stuck in! 1. Enjoy myself in Wales! And try to keep myself panic attack free whilst away! 2. Be happy! 3. Start saving! 4. Get more organised! 5. Sort out my Skincare Routine! What goals are you setting yourself this month? Till the next time, Gemma. ..xXx..

The Simple Pleasures: Going to Dinner with my Mum.

Hey Beauties, Hope you're all keeping well, and having a lovely week! I've had a very busy week, but I've forgotten how much I love being busy. Plus if I'm busy, it makes coping with a few things a lot easier. Before I launch into this post, I'll give you a little recap of my week. On Tuesday, I was determined to be really productive and finally got a lot of things I keep putting off done and on the recommendations of a close friend, I emailed the Prince's Trust in my area to see if there was a team starting anytime soon. And on Wednesday, I joined the team. For those who don't know much about the Prince's Trust, I plan to do a post at some point about it and I'm off on the residential next week so will do a post about that too as it's gonna be a challenge for me being away from home and everyone for so long...the most I can usually manage is two days! But anyway onto this post! On Thursday I met my mum like I usually do after she finis