The Simple Pleasures: Going to Dinner with my Mum.

Hey Beauties,

Hope you're all keeping well, and having a lovely week! I've had a very busy week, but I've forgotten how much I love being busy. Plus if I'm busy, it makes coping with a few things a lot easier.

Before I launch into this post, I'll give you a little recap of my week. On Tuesday, I was determined to be really productive and finally got a lot of things I keep putting off done and on the recommendations of a close friend, I emailed the Prince's Trust in my area to see if there was a team starting anytime soon. And on Wednesday, I joined the team. For those who don't know much about the Prince's Trust, I plan to do a post at some point about it and I'm off on the residential next week so will do a post about that too as it's gonna be a challenge for me being away from home and everyone for so long...the most I can usually manage is two days!

But anyway onto this post! On Thursday I met my mum like I usually do after she finished work and she decided she wanted to go out for something to eat instead of cooking at home.  And we ended up in one of my favourite places to eat in Coventry, The Harvester.
We decided to have meals on the £9.99 Meal deal they have running at the moment...which includes a selected main, Sundae Best, unlimited salad and an unlimited soft drink.
I really am predictable when I go out for a meal, and I decided to go for the Gourmet burger with cheese and bacon, with seasoned fries and a Jack Daniels sauce. I wish I hadn't filled myself up on potato salad before though, as this burger was perfection and I just couldn't manage it I was that full. And as nice as the Jack Daniels sauce was, it wasn't really a burger sauce but I think i'll reorder that sauce is ever have the Baby Ribs as it'd be the perfect sauce for them!

2014-05-29 18.43.37

My mum ordered the  7oz Gammon Steak with seasoned fries and a fried egg on top, and I think if I weren't so predictable with my ordering, I would have ordered this as it looked rather delicious. My mum's a fussy eater at times, but had no complaints about this so it must have been good! Sure looked it!

2014-05-29 18.43.23

And I forgot to take any pictures of the Sundaes, they were too tempting to wait to eat so I just got stuck in! I had mine with Raspberry sauce and my mum had toffee, and my mum enjoyed the ice-cream that much she wanted the recipe! She said it's the nicest Ice-cream she's ever had. And for an extra £1 you can upgrade your Sundae for one of the others on the menu...and I've done this before last time I came, and I would highly recommend Lemon Blizzard to all you fellow lemon fans out there!

The atmosphere in my local Harvester is lovely, the staff are friendly but not overly friendly, which is a plus, as that's nothing worse than being asked constant questions about your food whilst you have a mouthful of it!  It has such a warm, inviting friendly vibe and is a really nice to go for a meal out...if you're ever in Coventry, go to the Harvester by Ikea, It's worth a visit I promise you!

Till the next time,




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