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Hey Beauties,

I've never done a Outfit Of The Day (OOTD) post on the blog before and I very rarely have the confidence in myself to put a post up which shows full length body shots, but I've been slowing becoming more comfortable in my skin since going down a size or two (I'm still not what I would call my 'Ideal Size', but I'm a lot happier in my body than I was last year ), and I decided to finally post one!

I love looking at OOTDs on other blogs, as everyone has their own personal style and I like seeing how different people style up the same dress etc, and I believe everyone should be free to express themselves in the way they dress....whether it's a Gothic look, really girly or sporty....everyone is unique and beautiful in their own right!

And so I thought I will share my personal style on my blog from time to time. I wouldn't really know how to class mine personally, as sometimes I can be really 'girly', and the next day i'll be in a 'tomboy' mood and then a few days later, my style might be a bit more 'grungy'.

And I decided I'm gonna title each outfit with the name/lyrics of one of my favourite songs, and i'm starting off with a classic by Guns N' Roses! And I've left you a video underneath the photos in case you don't know the song (Have you been living under a rock?!) or If your like me, and just can't stop listening to it!

 So let's get stuck in!

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What i'm wearing:
Top- Primark.
Jeans - Primark.
Boots - New Look.
Coat - Primark.
Bag - Primark.
Necklace - Claires.
Bracelets- Path to love, Coventry Market.

This probably one of my favourite looks atm, simply because of the boots! I am quite frankly in love with them! I picked them up in New Look in the sale for 'better than Primark prices!'. 

They were only £7, and I normally pay £15 in Primark for a pair of boots that usually last mean one season but since this are New Look quality, I can see them lasting a good few years!I love the lace up detailing and the colour, they are the perfect 'me' boot. I'd love to a pair that are flat though, as the heel is easy to walk but not for hours on end!

And the majority of the outfit is Primark...what can I say, I'm a Primark gal through and through. I love a good bargain, and I always hate paying out loads for a top that I'm only gonna like for a season or two...I save the big bucks for the investment pieces (Doc Martins here I come!). So Primark is the perfect place for 'seasonal' pieces.  And it's also where I mostly buy my bags, as I am so fickle with handbags! I change my mind on bags so so often, So I prefer to pick Primark ones because they last as long as I need them to and they don't break the bank when I decide I want a new one. My current love is fabric backpacks, like the one above. It's practical, looks great and is fits in all the countless notebooks I carry around on a daily basis (Perks of being a Writer/Blogger :p).

And finally, I have to mention my crystals bracelets. I have always had a love for crystals and I've been exploring the meaning behind certain ones and their 'healing' powers, and I have quite a few at the moment. Maybe it's a placebo effect or they actually work, it's up each individual person to decide what they believe, they have been a great help to me recently and I'm never without them.

And a mahoosive thank you to my wonderful best friend, Laura for helping out and taking the photos!


Till the next time,




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