Mouthy Mondays: 2014 Goals...A recap.

Hey beauties,

Happy Monday! I'm finally back blogging, April wasn't a great month for me and I just didn't want to post something that was half hearted and lacked my usual passion for the blog. so I took a short break away from the blog so I could sort myself out and recharge my blogging batteries so I can come back dancing and singing!

And here I am! Ready to get back into the swing of things again!

And I thought I'd start with a recap on my Goals for the 2014, as it's half way through the year next month (Scary Thought Alert!). I've achieved some and made steps towards achieving others, so let's get stuck in!

1. Get my first tattoo and another (or two piercings).
I had this goal half done in January! I finally decided to get my lip pierced and ended getting my nose done as well as the shop (Raven Art Tattoo Studio) has  a 2 for 1 piercing offer on Tuesday on (They also do tattoos so I will be going to them to get that done too!). I still have my lip pierced but sadly my nose infected (Gross!) and I had to take it out, but I plan to get it pierced again and several other piercings! 

On the tattoo front, I plan to do this at the end of the year for two reasons.
1) So I can save up as they are not cheap if you want it done properly and 2) I want to be completely sure on a design i want. I want it to mean something to me, as it's gonna be on my body for the rest of my life (Even when i'm old and wrinkly) so I want it to be something I put thought in too, not just walked into the shop and pointed at the first thing I saw.

2. Start driving lessons.
I haven't made any steps towards this one yet, simply because of money! But hopefully I will be able to start them at the end of the year or next year! 

3. Move into my own place and do things right this time round.
Yay! Completed this one completely! I moved into the flat in March and I still don't have everything I need for the flat and I need to decorate, but it's my home and I love it. And I know getting it the way I want may take some time but I can't wait to see it how I pictured it will be :).


4. Start Open Uni & Not give up on myself or the course. 
I haven't started yet, but I have registered to start in October and I'm Quite excited. Nervous but I can't wait to start, and finally prove to myself (and other doubters) that I can achieve what I put my mind too! And it's gonna be fun, I love English and Writing so maybe that's the key to getting a Degree , picking something you love to do....not what gets you the best job ever! And if it happens to be both, then it's a bonus! 

5. Gain more confidence in myself and try to fight my Anxiety better. 
This is still a work in progress...I have gained a bit more confidence in myself. I'm starting to not completely hate my reflection, and I'm accepting things about myself that I used to really dislike. I recently changed a huge part of my life and It's been such a help...It helps me to feel more comfortable in my own skill and is slowly building up my confidence, so maybe by the end of the year I might be a lot more confidence in myself. And hopefully in better control of my Anxiety by then as well.

6. Have fun and let my hair down more…life’s too short to be a serious, worry-wart all the time.
This is an ongoing goal, but so far it's going well. I've been more open to a lot more things and opportunities, and like I mentioned in the post above, I recently changed a huge part of my life and that has made me a happier person and more open to the world around me. I've made so many happy memories with my friends this year, and even though I had a bad month, I'm back to being myself again and feeling happier everyday and having fun living my life!


So that's all the progress I've made on my Goals for the year, I'm pretty happy with all I've achieved so far :)

Have you completed many of your Goals for 2014 yet?

Let me know in the comments below!

Till the next time,



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