Mouthy Monday: Letters to My Mum & Sisters & Best Friend...

Hey Beauties,

Yay! First Mouthy/Motivational Monday of the month...and as Valentine's Day falls in February I thought it'd be nice if all my posts were Love Related, and I thought I'd kick it off with short little letters to my mum, sisters and best they say your mum, siblings and best friends are the first experiences of love so i thought it'd be a nice little thing to do :)

So starting off with my Mum.


Dear Mum,

I've not been the easier daughter to deal with, let's be honest. But you are an amazing inspiration to me as you handle everything life throws at you with confidence and dignity. You taught me the meaning of being yourself and it's you i got my love for make-up from. You support me through everything, even if I annoy the hell out of you at times.  There's nothing i love more than coming round yours and having a girly gossip about make up, boys etc and you've always been there when i gave my heart out and it ended badly with words of love and comfort. I couldn't ask for a better mum and best friend.


2013-10-18 18.25.30

Mia, Alisha & Charlotte.

To my beautiful lil sisters,

I am such a proud big sister of you all, I have watched you grow up from cute little babies to annoying but funny kids into beautiful young women. You all inspire me everyday to be the best version of myself, so i can leave a good example for you to lead by, but it is often you that show me how to be! You all have different personalities and each of you are amazing, Mia you make me smile with your cuteness and the always have that smile on your face. Alisha you overcome every and are such a brilliant little cook, and Charlotte you are such a talented little thing, and i love how you have my passion for make-up.  I love nothing more than when all four of us get together because you are the best sisters a girl can have.



To Laura,

Thank for you never giving up on me and always putting up with my nonsense. You always support me, even when the rest of the world is trying to pull me down and you tell me things straight, which isn't always what i want but you know its what i need and that's one of the many reasons I love you. Your the most thoughtful person I know and so talented, you just don't see it! Life isn't always easy for us both, and we've had our trails, both in life and friendship, but the way you deal with things inspires me to be a better person and fight harder for the things i want. You stick by me and are always making me laugh and you keep a smile on my face even when i don't want always know exactly what i need to get back to me and our sleepovers and Costa trips are the best...I couldn't ask for a better best friend and you deserve the world!


I think everyone should do this, it's a cute idea to show the people you love just how much they mean to you...whether you do it on your blog, on Facebook or Twitter or even better, an old fashioned the people in your life how much they mean to you and spread some looovvveeee!

Till Next Time,



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