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Review: Lush Ocean Salt Face & Body Scrub.

Hey Beauties, So I'm back from my lil blogging break and I'm currently planning to make March the best month ever on my blog and working on many ideas for posts so keep those beautiful peepers peeled! Today I have another Lush review for you, this time it's part of their skincare range! So go grab yourself a beverage of choice, sit back and enjoy! What Lush say: Limes steeped in vodka, grapefruit and lashings of salt go into this invigorating scrub. The salty, citrus fragrance is refreshing on the skin and mind, like diving into the cool blue ocean. Price: £7.25 for 120g.        £13.25 for 250g. Where to Buy: Lush stores across the UK and Online Here. My Thoughts: I bought this as I've seen it across alot of blogs and Youtube videos, and I haven't found a favourite scrub yet so thought I'd give something from Lush ago as I really love Lush Skin care at the moment. My local Lush is amazing, and after a quick chat about our favo

Review: Maybelline Baby Lips.

Hey beauties, Maybelline's Baby Lips launched in the UK back in July and I picked my first one up in September and it was love at first try...since then I've picked up all the ones available in the UK including a Limited Edition one (though i have misplaced two somewhere in my room...this is why I can't wait to get my new storage drawers!). What Maybelline says: No more boring balms!   New Baby Lips gives intense lip care & 8 hr hydration.   Conditioning care for lips that feel baby soft.   Price: 2.99 each.   Where to buy: Boots & Superdrug across the UK and Online here. My Thoughts: The first one I ever tried was Cherry Me, which is my all time favourite even though I've now tried the others. There are 3 Tinted ones (Cherry Me, Pink Punch and Peach Kiss.) and 3 non-tinted ones (Hydrate, Repair and Minty Fresh) . And a few months ago there was limited edition one called Cherry Velvet which you got for free if you bought any fr

Review: Lush Prince Charming Shower Gel.

Hey Beauties, As you all know, I'm a huge Lush as soon as I saw their Valentine's Day range popping up all over Instagram and Twitter, I knew I had to try them and since I prefer showers over baths at the moment, the new shower gel seemed like the perfect product for me to try. What Lush says: With marshmallow root, Fair Trade vanilla and fresh pomegranate juice, Prince Charming will sweep you off your feet and carry you off into the sunset, leaving your skin silky soft and smelling lovely – the fragrance is made using a beautiful blend of grapefruit, sandalwood and geranium oils. Price:  4.65 for 100g.    9.25 for 250g.    15.95 for 500g. Where to buy:  Lush stores across the UK and Online here.  My Thoughts: The first time i smelt this i wasn't overly keen, but as i took a second smell, I really like the quite unusual scent of it. It's like nothing I've tried before, its a fruity floral scent...the first smell I picked up was grapef

Mouthy Monday: Letters to My Mum & Sisters & Best Friend...

Hey Beauties, Yay! First Mouthy/Motivational Monday of the month...and as Valentine's Day falls in February I thought it'd be nice if all my posts were Love Related, and I thought I'd kick it off with short little letters to my mum, sisters and best they say your mum, siblings and best friends are the first experiences of love so i thought it'd be a nice little thing to do :) So starting off with my Mum. Dear Mum, I've not been the easier daughter to deal with, let's be honest. But you are an amazing inspiration to me as you handle everything life throws at you with confidence and dignity. You taught me the meaning of being yourself and it's you i got my love for make-up from. You support me through everything, even if I annoy the hell out of you at times.  There's nothing i love more than coming round yours and having a girly gossip about make up, boys etc and you've always been there when i gave my heart out and it ended

#FMSPhotoaday Challenge: January.

Hey Beauties, So as promised, this is my round up of all the photos I've taken as part of the #FMSPhotoaday can find more about it and the amazing blogger, Chantelle, behind it here.   She's been doing the challenge since 2012  and i did my first one back in December 2012 and tried to do 2013 but it was a crazy old year for me so i stopped around May and never really picked it back up...but i was determined to do it this year, and even tho i forgot till the end of the month, i completed it and have started on February's one now. on a sidenote, is it weird that i'm  already excited about what the photo prompt on my birthday is? So let's get started. Day 1. Lunch./Day 2. Begins with G./Day 3. My Town./Day 4.Words to Live By./Day 5. Found./Day 6. Happens Everyday./Day 7. Upside Down. /Day 8. Lucky Number./ Day 9. Natural./Day 10. Manmade./Day 11. Looking Down./Day 12. Colourful./Day 13. Makes Me Smile./ Day 14. 3 Things./Day 15. Blac

My Week on Instagram #5

Hey Beauties, So it's now officially February which means that a responding sigh of happiness can be heard around the world as lets be honest no one really likes's known as the most depressing month of the year and there's good reason. Christmas is over, for most people money is a lot tighter and the weather is just bleak and miserable...horrid! I am personally excited for February as I have quite a few things to look forward too and i can't wait to have a fun filled month. Onto my Instagram photos from the week =). Options latest hot chocolate offerings..nom!/Love this saying./planning blog posts./Costa date with the best friend./Graze box delivery./Supernatural & Blogging night./Sleepy Kitty./Little trip to Lush./Gorgeous Kitten by my Granddad's house./Ridley being adorable in my arms./New Double Trouble nail varnish duo from Technic./Puddle by mine..looks more like a pond./A little trip to Tesco./Need to try these!/Childhood treats