My Week #2

Hey Beauties,

Last week i didn't do one of these as i had a pretty long week at work and barely did anything, but this week has been busy busy and i have news on the blog etc that i want to share with you all and this seems the perfect post to do in it all in!

So first major news from the week, i finally got a camera! I have the FujiFilm Finepix S1800 which will do me perfectly whilst i save up for the one i really want (Canon EOS 600D) and i've been having fun playing around with it ever since getting it on Thursday and looking forward to having much better quality pictures on the blog...I took some pictures today for the blog so look out for my 'What's in my bag' & 'Jan-Feb Make-up bag' Posts for the pictures taken on the new camera.

DSCF5258 DSCF5222 DSCF5317
A few of the photos i've taken on the camera.

This week has been pretty busy in the terms of my social life as well, which was great. I finally caught up probably with my 8 & 1/2 months pregnant mate Vicki who is having a baby boy in the next month, so it was great to finally have a good catch up before she becomes a mummy for the first time and becomes super busy. I'm so proud of my friends, and especially Vicki as she's doing it all alone and doing a wonderful job already.

And in terms of the blog, i have a few new pages publishing over the week. Tomorrow i have my 25 before 25 page going live which will be explained abit more in a Mouthy Monday post. And i'm also having a page dedicated to all the other blogs i enjoy reading, so if your looking for a new blog to read or want to find out which bloggers inspire me, go look on that page. And also i will be having a directory of all the products i review so keep a look out for that one too, it will be a bit empty at first but over time it will be filled loads of lovely reviews so if your looking for a review on a particular product or brand you find it easily that way.
And as you may have noticed, the blog has had a bit of a make over this week, and it's not complete just yet but i'm loving the new look of it so far.

Next week seems like a busy week too, loads of time playing with my camera and finally going to see my granddad in his new flat so that should be nice to catch up and be reunited with my old dog, Max.

Till the next time,



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