Mouthy Mondays #2: Kitten Loving.

Hey Beauties,

So if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you will know that way back on 21st August 2013, I adopted a 5 week old kitten and took her home when she was 6 weeks on 24th August. And since i post ALOT of pictures of her i thought it would be cute to dedicate to a post just to her.

2013-08-19 18.55.31-1 2013-08-24 15.01.57 2013-08-27 00.08.11 2013-08-25 15.50.52
Pictures from when i first got her.

So onto the Kitten herself. I got her off my best friend's neighbour. She was the only one in the litter and was a mega little fluff ball and i fell in love with her as soon as she was put into my arms (Laura did tell  me that as soon as i see her i would fall in love and she was right!).  Me and Laura spent the week thinking up names, and being a bookworm and film lover, i wanted something from a book or film. In the end, we both thought Ridley from Beautiful Creatures was a great name for her. And we really couldn't have picked a more perfect name for her.

She is now 6 months old (and currently running around my room on a hype and chasing a grape across the floor) and has such a little character developing. She makes some of the cutest sounds at times, she used to make a noise when eating but since her teeth have gone through she has stopped, but she has a french sounded meow when she wants your attention and likes to greet me when i get in with a meow that sounds scarily close to hello. And then there's the noise she makes when she jumps from place to place and her purr is like a engine it is loud...and she is constantly purring! She just has to lie down next to me and she'll start's adorable!

2013-10-03 09.45.57 2013-09-14 22.46.54 2013-09-15 09.07.48

She's gonna be raised completely as a house cat, i know some people don't agree with this but I want to keep her safe and she always have plenty of toys and space to burn off her energy inside. Toy-wise she is pretty easy to please, she has a blue mouse we have nicknamed mousey who she is addicted can shout mousey from one room and she'll run to you quickly to play. She also has a random love for running taps and will follow me if i'm going to the bathroom and meow at me until i turn the tap on. And she loves it when i come home with a paper bag from Lush or Primark as she uses them as hideouts and then a bed...easily pleased i guess.

She is currently going through a biting phase which is painful! It's apparently to do with her teething so i'm hoping that will end soon, but if anyone knows any remedies for kitten teething please let me know, my arm is tired of being a teething ring when it takes her fancy. She pulls some of the cutest faces at times, and has already mastered the 'are you serious' look and 'i ain't listening to you telling me off' look perfectly well, which makes it very hard to tell her off when she's being a bad kitty but she is mostly pretty well behaved...she's got a very feisty character but loves nothing more than curling up somewhere warm and getting a fuss of people. 

She has a couple of nicknames atm, Riddles or Rids is the most used. But she sometimes gets called Monster or Noodles, and when shes in her mega naughty mood me and Laura (who also has a cat) call her the spawn of the devil (and Laura's cat also gets called that when she's naughty). Our Cats are quite similar in personality which is quite cute, and oddly when her cat does something naughty mine will do the same thing several days later. 

2013-09-02 21.59.40 2013-10-06 13.26.30 2013-10-04 15.24.43

If you liked this post, i will do another update on her when she turns One and if you have a pet, please leave your links to your blog/twitter/instagram so i can check out your adorable pets!

Also, leave the cutest story you have about your pets below as i love reading about any pet as i am complete animal lover.

Till the next time,



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