Mouthy Monday: 2013 round up and 2014 Goals & Plans.

Howdy Beauties,

So here we are, 2014. And the first Mouthy Monday of the year...YAY! I'm all excited for 2014, 2013 wasn't my best year so i'm looking forward to putting it behind me and starting anew.

so firstly, a look back at 2013.

It wasn't my best year, let's be straight up with that. I made A LOT of bad choices and the results of that will always be with me i think, there's just some things time can't heal. I hurt people and i ended up hurt, either by others or by myself. There was a lot of things i wish i could change, especially in the last half of the year.

But there was good, and more of it than it seemed at the time. I met some great people, some have left my life sadly but the time i spent with them will always be fond memories. But the people that have stayed are amazing, if it weren't for them i wouldn't be as happy as i am now.


So in a nutshell, 2013 wasn't the highlight of my life.

But i'm not gonna let the past rule me and i plan to make 2014 a year to remember and i have a much better attitude than last year, going through everything i did has taught me alot and has changed my attitude ALOT and I also feel like i've grown up a hell of alot more, which is about time! I'm 24 this year, time to start acting my age just a little bit more!
Anyway i want to make 2014 and i have decided to set myself some Goals for the year and i prefer to say Goals over Resolutions as Resolutions have become something you make for the sake of it and then just give up on in a week, i dunno if this is a shared opinion but it is just mine.  So i prefer to say 2014 Goals, as Goals are something you work on and have a more positive vibe attached to it.

I have decided the goals into Personal ones and Blog & Beauty related ones, so i shall start with my Personal ones.

Personal Goals for 2014.

1. Get my first tattoo and another (or two piercings).
2. Start driving lessons.
3. Move into my own place and do things right this time round (No more debts building up, decorate and turn into a home etc).
4. Start Open Uni & Not give up on myself or the course. 
5. Gain more confidence in myself and try to fight my Anxiety better. 
6. Have fun and let my hair down's too short to be a serious, worry-wart all the time.


Blogging/Beauty Goals for 2014.

1. Make my blog(s) into something i am proud to call my own.
2. Improve my knowledge on all things blog related so i can have the best quality posts i can do.
3. Work out a proper skincare routine and take better care of my skin.
4. Buy a better camera. 
5. Attend more Blogging Events like Meetups'll help my confidence grow and help me meet more people with similar passions etc.
6. Invest in more make up brushes. 

So that's all my goals for the year ahead, i will do quarterly updates on how everything is going so you can see my progress over the year on achieving them.


And my tips for people wanting to set goals is simple,

1) When you set them, don't push yourself more than your comfortable with for the sake of having 'Impressive Goals' the only person you want to be better than is the person you were yesterday.

2) Set ones you know that with a bit of work you can achieve, not ones people like family or friends are forcing you into. They are your goals not theirs.

Till the next time,



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