Mouthy Monday: 25 before 25.

Hey Beauties,

So in yesterday 'My Week' Post, i mentioned that a new page would be going up on my blog, and that it was a list of 25 things to do before i hit 25 next September and i said i would do a post about it and explaining a few of them a bit more.

If you want to see the orginal list, you can here and if you do something similar, please leave your links below as i love looking at other people's goals.

So i'm not going to go into them in detail, as there are 25 of them and some of them are pretty self explanatory, like learning to drive  etc.

But i'm gonna pick a few and go into a bit more detail on these, so grab yourself a beverage of choice as this might be a lengthy one!


6. Pay off my debt (or at least start paying off a good chunk of it).
So when i first moved out at 19, i was sort of sensible with my money. But when i got my own place just after my 21st Birthday, i wasn't as sensible. I got my first full-time job and fell behind with a lot of my bills and loans etc and eventually on my rent, so i would like to start clearing this as i can, as i am getting to the stage in life where one day i want to be able to afford to buy my own house but if i have such bad debt behind me i won't be able to get a mortgage and i don't want to be stuck renting  my whole life.  So I'm gonna connect a debt repayment company and hopefully work out something that means it'd be cleared by 25 or at least a good chuck of it cleared.

10. Finish writing my own book.
Not many people know this about me, unless your a close friend whose known me years or read my other blog, but i've been writing since i was 12. And one of my goals has been to write my own book and i've been working on several different ideas since i was 18 but have never got round to finishing one. But i would like to actually finally say i've written my own book (and maybe have sent it off to publishers) by the time i'm 25 so i'm gonna be working on finding an idea i completely love and work on it without giving up on it.

11. Learn to cook Kurdish food.
My mum's partner is Kurdish and her old neighbour is as well, so i've grown up around the culture and the food and i love it! I love all the flavours and spices and i know my mum knows how to cook it, and i want her to teach me so i can make it myself and introduce my friends to it as it is some of the nicest food i've ever tried, especially the rice and chicken meal my mum makes!

18. Start Open Uni Again.
I started originally when i was 21 but i chose the completely wrong course for me but i have found the course i've been looking for at last and am hopefully starting in April this year and i want to actually complete the full degree this time, not a just a module, so i made sure it was completely the right course before i registered and i'm very excited to start.  I never went to University when everyone else did, not because i didn't want to but because i messed around alot in my last year at college and didn't end up getting the grades i needed to get in and i used to act like i wasn't too bothered, but going to university was always a goal of mine as a teenager and now i get a chance to actually get a degree.

20. Start a YouTube Channel.
I've always loved watching YouTube videos, especially beauty, fashion or baking related ones but i've never had the confidence or belief in myself to start my own, but i'm slowly getting more confident and i'm always having ideas for videos so before i hit 25 i would like to have the complete confidence to get in front of the camera and film my own YouTube Videos!

22. Find a job I love.
I have always wanted to be a writer in one way or another as a career, and i would love to finally use this to find me a job. As before i've had full-time and part time jobs but they weren't anything i truly loved or had a passion for, and it really affected how i worked and my confidence in myself so i'm going to be working hard to find the perfect job for me, even if i have to start off at the very bottom in an apprenticeship or something, at least it would be a start!

24. Set up my own home bakery business.
Baking is literally in my blood, My Great Nan Eloise used to have her own bakery when she was younger and every memory i have of her is of her baking in the kitchen, with one cake in the oven, one cooling and one ready to go in the oven...It was the best memory. The baking gene got pasted down through the generations and me and my little sisters are all keen cooks or bakers, with me being a mix of both, but mainly a baker. And family & friends have always complimented my baking whenever I've shared it and i always wanted to open my own bakery named after my great nan but there's a far off dream at but i still want to start my own home bakery cooking for friends and family and all their friends etc, so i would love to have that set up and running by 25 and who knows it could actually lead to me opening the bakery I've always dreamed of having.

So that's  all the ones i've wanted to explain, and i will do an update around my birthday in September to see how I'm coming along and again just or after the New Year.

Till the next time,



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