My Week #1.

Hey Beauties,

So i might do the first of this type of post last week, but i had a pretty bog standard start to the year and barely did anything. And that's pretty much the same this week, but it's been abit more fun and i've had a few more ideas for this post.

So let's start.

This week has been a busy one! I've been Volunteering at a Charity Shop in my hometown of Coventry and this week i ended up doing 4 days out of 6 (would have been 5 if i had caught a 24 hour bug) and i couldn't have picked the worst week to do it! There was a re-stock delivery last weekend and we spent the whole week sorting it out! It wouldn't have been so bad really but a lot of people were off so there was extra work for less!
But i did have alot of fun changing the window up again! Last weekend i took the Christmas stuff completely done and gave it a complete make over and spent the week changing up the outfits on the mannequins...and i'm not overly into fashion, i prefer the make up pages in magazines to the fashion ones but i just love thinking up ideas to put into the window...and its something i'm considering maybe looking into as a proper career.

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a few of my outfits from the week :)

And apart from that, i've not done loads...a lot of time with the boyfriend and my crazy as hell kitten.

This week i've loved...

Watching... There's been so many things, mainly on Netflix! Ever since i started my subscription, i've been hooked. This week it's been a horror sesh, with films like Case 39, Resident Evil Revelations and Sinister (All this will be reviewed on my other blog) and i've been getting addicted to more TV Shows, even since i've finished Hemlock Grove i've been looking for my next fix, and Lost Girl may just be that fix. And i've finally got into Gossip Girl...i've always been hooked by the trailers but never got round to watching it, but i'm addicted.

Listening to... i've barely listened to anything this week and nothing new. But i have been loving Frank Turner this week, especially Recovery and A Decent Cup of Tea (Both songs have  personal meanings to me so being able to listen to them again has made me a happy bunny).

So that's all for this post, the content and layout of this post will quite likely change over time until it's something i'm completely happy with so if there's anything you think i should add to it or even remove...let me know in the comments below.

Till the next time,



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