Blogger Sercet Santa: What I Recieved.

Hey Beauties,

So back in November(ish) 2013 (seems so long ago already) the lovely Jess from Dungarees and Donuts asked me to take part in a Bloggers Secret Santa she was running with her friend Char, and straight away i agreed as it's something I've wanted to take part in for awhile now and i love Christmas!

It was a great experience, and after a few mishaps on my side (very sorry) i sent my parcel off and waited for my mum to call and say i have a parcel! And the day finally arrived, and i was blow away by how much thought and consideration that was put into my gift.

My Secret Santas were the lovely Orla and Christina from Twice Upon A Blonde, and here is the wonderful gift they sent me!

                      Bloggers Secret Santa 2013-12-17 18.12.43 2013-12-17 18.12.49 2013-12-17 18.12.54

Firstly, how beautifully wrapped up is the box! It made it feel extra special, even my mum loved it! And there were instructions on the label saying not to open until i flipped the switch and once i located the switch it was time to open it and have a look inside...

2013-12-17 18.13.44 2013-12-17 20.06.02

There was tinsel and fairy lights inside!! My inner child and Christmas addict was dancing around in pure delight! Such a unique idea, and i loved it that much there was no way i was throwing it away after... i currently keep my perfumes in it and it'll have pride of place when i get my own place.
So onto the contents...

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So the first think i saw straight away was the Lush a Lush addict, i was beyond happy to see something from Lush in there and even more delighted to find out it was the Santa Lipscrub from their Christmas Range. It's a cola flavoured scrub with tiny little red hearts and it's the best Lipscrub EVER...even beat my beloved Bubblegum one!

Then there was this adorable initial bracelet which is the type of bracelet i love, as i have loads of big chunky ones but not many dainty ones and i loved this.

Another beauty product was this sparkly red glitter nail varnish from Topshop. I've always wanted to try Topshop's Make Up and as nail varnish junkie who is having a glitter obsession atm, this was the perfect starting ground. I used this as part of my Christmas manicure and it just looked so festive and's love!

Next up, was the Light Up Tardis which couldn't have been any more awesome if it tired, simply because I'm a avid Doctor Who fan and i love absolutely ANYTHING Doctor Who fact i was tempted to buy a Mr Potato Head simply because it was dressed like a Dalek recently!

Finally, there was a Disney Make & Bake Mickey Cookie set... I haven't had chance to bake these years as I'm currently living in a flat with a broken cooker (sob) put can't wait to have fun with these as i love Disney and i love i will put up a post about how they go when i finally get a chance to bake them!

So that's everything i received in the the gift, i loved everything they got me and it was such a thoughtful and well put together gift and i am so thankful to them for putting all the effort into making it into something special, it made my day when i received it!
As of course, this post would not be complete without a picture (or three) of my Kitten having fun with the tinsel inside...

1601133_10151951375835787_196452033_n 1525603_10151951375570787_185676061_n 1506036_10151951374930787_2010501007_n

Till next time,