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Mouthy Monday: 25 before 25.

Hey Beauties, So in yesterday 'My Week' Post, i mentioned that a new page would be going up on my blog, and that it was a list of 25 things to do before i hit 25 next September and i said i would do a post about it and explaining a few of them a bit more. If you want to see the orginal list, you can here  and if you do something similar, please leave your links below as i love looking at other people's goals. So i'm not going to go into them in detail, as there are 25 of them and some of them are pretty self explanatory, like learning to drive  etc. But i'm gonna pick a few and go into a bit more detail on these, so grab yourself a beverage of choice as this might be a lengthy one! 6. Pay off my debt (or at least start paying off a good chunk of it). So when i first moved out at 19, i was sort of sensible with my money. But when i got my own place just after my 21st Birthday, i wasn't as sensible. I got my first full-time job and fell behind

My Week #2

Hey Beauties, Last week i didn't do one of these as i had a pretty long week at work and barely did anything, but this week has been busy busy and i have news on the blog etc that i want to share with you all and this seems the perfect post to do in it all in! So first major news from the week, i finally got a camera! I have the FujiFilm Finepix S1800 which will do me perfectly whilst i save up for the one i really want (Canon EOS 600D) and i've been having fun playing around with it ever since getting it on Thursday and looking forward to having much better quality pictures on the blog...I took some pictures today for the blog so look out for my 'What's in my bag' & 'Jan-Feb Make-up bag' Posts for the pictures taken on the new camera. A few of the photos i've taken on the camera. This week has been pretty busy in the terms of my social life as well, which was great. I finally caught up probably with my 8 & 1/2 months pregnant

My Week on Instagram #4.

Hey Beauties, Another week flying by, and the last Sunday of January already (And also the 23rd birthday of one of my best mates, Matt, so if your reading this happy birthday :D ). So this week has been a pretty good week, but as always i keep taking pictures and then forgetting to upload them on Instagram, i need to post them as i take them i think not when i get home and forgot! Anywhere's here are the pics i did manage to upload this week... Homemade Curry at my mates house. /gossip girl & shortbread. / Quote./ Newly Organised Make-up Set up./ Ridley watching me blog./ Dairlylea Dunkers./ Love this dress at work. / Me and the best friend./ PANDAS!! / My New Toy./ Poser Kitty. / Ikea Breakfast. Ice Breakers are addictive./ Panda sweets. / Supernatural series 1 at last./ New Coat from work./ New bag from work. So that's everything from the week...and on the 1st Feb there will be an instagram post with all the photos i took in jan for Fat Mum Slim'

Mouthy Mondays #2: Kitten Loving.

Hey Beauties, So if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you will know that way back on 21st August 2013, I adopted a 5 week old kitten and took her home when she was 6 weeks on 24th August. And since i post ALOT of pictures of her i thought it would be cute to dedicate to a post just to her. Pictures from when i first got her. So onto the Kitten herself. I got her off my best friend's neighbour. She was the only one in the litter and was a mega little fluff ball and i fell in love with her as soon as she was put into my arms (Laura did tell  me that as soon as i see her i would fall in love and she was right!).  Me and Laura spent the week thinking up names, and being a bookworm and film lover, i wanted something from a book or film. In the end, we both thought Ridley from Beautiful Creatures was a great name for her. And we really couldn't have picked a more perfect name for her. She is now 6 months old (and currently running around my room on a hype and c

My Week on Instagram #3

Hey Beauties, Another week over with, means another week of instagram pictures to show you! And this week i've been posting abit more and i also reached a milestone i was very happy about, 200 followers on Instagram so thank you everyone who followed me =) And if you don't follow, but want to my username is @a_girl_called_gemma  on Instagram, and leave you usernames below and i'll have a look at your instagrams too =) So here's what i posted on Instagram this week! Sherlock S3 Finale/New Piercings!/Close up of nose piercing/My favourite day at work/New outfit 1/New Outfit 2/Ridley loving her new blanket/The most amazing hot chocolate/Epic Panda PJ Top/Addicted to Gossip Girl/Went Tesco's for milk came back with goodies/Bumble Bee Necklace. Cute socks from Primark/Lush treats/Hot Cross Buns/Reaching 200 followers/Epic Gammon Dinner/New Boots/Random Haul/New Beanie/New Hi Tops/Ridley in the Primark bag/Mini Eggs nom! So that's all my posts

My Week #1.

Hey Beauties, So i might do the first of this type of post last week, but i had a pretty bog standard start to the year and barely did anything. And that's pretty much the same this week, but it's been abit more fun and i've had a few more ideas for this post. So let's start. This week has been a busy one! I've been Volunteering at a Charity Shop in my hometown of Coventry and this week i ended up doing 4 days out of 6 (would have been 5 if i had caught a 24 hour bug) and i couldn't have picked the worst week to do it! There was a re-stock delivery last weekend and we spent the whole week sorting it out! It wouldn't have been so bad really but a lot of people were off so there was extra work for less! But i did have alot of fun changing the window up again! Last weekend i took the Christmas stuff completely done and gave it a complete make over and spent the week changing up the outfits on the mannequins...and i'm not overly into

My Week on Instagram #2.

Howdy Beauties, Another week over with, almost half way through the first month of the year and it's been a pretty quiet week in terms of my instagram uploads, working so much just took all my time away! So here's the few pics i did post up in the week! Shoe obbession takes over a work? Holy Grail foundation/Ridley sleeping under my top/Trying to be healthier/Outfit one at work/Outfit two//First bag of Malteaser bunnys of the year/ Cutest Disney Outfit on the baby/Options hot chocolate/Greek yogurt & Berries/Peekaboo/Bored at work with bunnys//Revamped the window display/New Outfit/Sweet Treats at work. Till next time, Love, Gemma xXx

Hey It's OK #1

Hey Beauties, Every time i buy Glamour, the first thing i read is always the 'Hey It's Ok' feature and i've seen a few other blogs doing a a similar feature and i decided i just have to join it with this, because i completely love the feature and it always puts a smile on my face and makes me giggle! So here's my version! And if you have any...please leave me a comment below! HEY IT'S OK... 1) If you prefer a cosy night in with your pet than going out on a friday night...who really wants to wait to get into a bar in this weather. 2) To do the 'well i did warn you' look when a friend/family member tells you that the situation you warned them would happen, happpens...well you did tell them. 3) To have confess all your secrets to your pet....they don't answer back and can't tell anyone else...perfect. If they could talk though, we'd be doomed! 4) If you decide to have a make up clear out .... but then end up putting half

Mouthy Monday: 2013 round up and 2014 Goals & Plans.

Howdy Beauties, So here we are, 2014. And the first Mouthy Monday of the year...YAY! I'm all excited for 2014, 2013 wasn't my best year so i'm looking forward to putting it behind me and starting anew. so firstly, a look back at 2013. It wasn't my best year, let's be straight up with that. I made A LOT of bad choices and the results of that will always be with me i think, there's just some things time can't heal. I hurt people and i ended up hurt, either by others or by myself. There was a lot of things i wish i could change, especially in the last half of the year. But there was good, and more of it than it seemed at the time. I met some great people, some have left my life sadly but the time i spent with them will always be fond memories. But the people that have stayed are amazing, if it weren't for them i wouldn't be as happy as i am now. So in a nutshell, 2013 wasn't the highlight of my life. But i'm not gonna let t

A Lil About A Girl Called Gemma.

Howdy Beauties, And welcome to my new blog, A Girl Called Gemma! After alot of serious thought,  i decided i wanted to completely start a fresh with a new blog as i wasn't happy with my old blog and in the end i just lost the old blog mojo every time i went onto it to try and blog again. So long story short, this is my brand spanking new beauty and lifestyle blog! It will be pretty much the same style of posts as before, but more frequent and more content. On this blog you will find beauty reviews, hauls, lifestyle features, monthly favourites and so much more!! Till the next post, Gemma xXx