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Netlfix Loves...Summer 2019.

Hello Lovelies! 
So it's no sercet I love Netflix, I spent a lot (probably too much!) time binge watching shows and having movie days on my days off. Netflix is bringing it though at the moment, with so much choice and bringing out Netflix Originals faster than I can blink...there's something for everyone and every mood.. 
So I thought I'd do a quick post about the top 5 things I'm currently obsessed with on Netflix! 

Stranger Things.

This is probably is a obvious one, who isn't loving Stranger things at the moment! Season 3 just launched on Netflix and everyone and their cat have been raving about it! I binge watched Season 3 in a space of a weekend and I loved it, I personally think the other two seasons were definitely better but I still loved this season and can't wait for the next season! 
The characters are amazing (Hopper, Steve,Eleven and Dustin are definitely my favourite), epic 80's costumes and a brilliant soundtrack to boot.


Glee has recently arr…

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