LIFESTYLE || Escape Reality Coventry.

Escape Rooms are becoming one of most popular attractions across the UK and further, and Escape Reality is definitely a firm favourite from the reviews I've seen, and from my recent visit with the Covbloggers girls, I can see why!

Escape Reality opened up in Coventry just over a year ago (they celebrated their first birthday in Summer last year), and have escape rooms all across the U.K and even some in the states and Dubai.
They offer an immersive escape room experience, in their movie inspired rooms where you have 60 minutes to work as a team to solve riddles, puzzles and spot the clues in a race against time to escape the room.

There are 8 rooms currently in their Coventry location... Jungala, Scarlett, The Asylum, The Heist, Alcatraz, Murder in Whitechapel and their two newest rooms... Down the Rabbit Hole and Tortuga Pirates.
We went along to have an attempt at the Alice in Wonderland inspired room,  Down the rabbit hole. We had a mixed experience of escape rooms, some of…

LIFESTYLE || Esquires Coventry 10th Birthday.

Esquires Coffee has been one of my favourite places in Coventry for many years now,  starting back from the college days in 2010...blimey that makes me feel ancient! Me and my two closest friends at the time used to go after college, grab a pot of tea and sometimes a cake and sit back and relax after the stress of college! And me and my best friend always pick it as our place to go to when we met up.

It was a very special place in my heart, and recently they celebrated their 10th birthday in  December. They certainly celebrated in style,  throughout December with advent competition with every 100th Customer getting to open an door on their advent calender, to win one of a number of different vouchers and on the day of their birthday (Monday 17th) every 10th customer won a free drink of their choice. They also had an incredible custom made birthday cake by Leicester based company, Cake Art, who are famous for their creations.

Based in the Transport Muesum, Esquires Coventry was open…

LIFESTYLE || The Botanist Coventry.

I was originally so excited to write this post, when I heard The Botanist opening in Coventry, I was intrigued and when I got my invite in the post I was excited to see what the lastest addition to the Cathedral lanes development.
Its been so hard to write this post, I don't like posting negative things on here or Instagram, but I wanna be honest about the whole experience not just the good parts as my readers deserve the truth, even the bits that are hard to write.

So let's start with the amazing part, the launch night. Me and a bunch of the beautiful lovelies from Coventry Bloggers got invited to join in with the celebrations on Launch night. 

I was blown away when I walked in, I've always lived in Coventry, so I remember the days when Catherdal lanes was just a shopping centre and where the Botanist was build was the old entrance to the shops inside and the difference was breathtaking... I honestly didn't think I was still in Coventry for a moment! The decor and how th…

LIFESTYLE|| 5 things I ❤️ about Coventry.

I'm a Cov gal born and breed. Been here all of my 28 years, and I love my home town. I didn't appreciate it as much as I do now when I was a teenager but that's normal growing up style. But I'm proud to be a Cov gal and call this wonderful city home, and I thought I'd share 5 of my favourite things about Coventry.

1. The History. As a Cov kid, you're taught about our rich history from as soon as you hit school, trips to the transport museum, the cathedral and all the rest of the historical sites. My favourite as a kid was the Lunt Roman Fort, a place I definitely need to go revisit soon! The history of Coventry is an interesting one, and as I got older and could look deeper into then what they taught at school, it made me feel even prouder to hail from this great city.
2. The Parks and Nature. Even though we are quite a built up city, there is still a lot of nature around. There's the Memorial park, where GODIVA Festival is held (more on that further on),  Coom…

LIFESTYLE || Teezers Coventry.

Recently there's been a change in night life of the country, gone are the nights where you just go out and drink and maybe dance, people want something more to do than just standing around with a drink in your hand. People want to do something fun, something different.
And that's where adult ball pits, crazy golf and cocktails, adult soft play comes in... The list is endless. There's so many new alternatives to the pub or bar now, and Coventry seems to be catching on to that idea.

Recently, I went along to the Coventry's lastest addition to the funner side of a night out... Teezers. A crazy golf and cocktails bar that recently opened in the building that used to be Club M. I'll admit I had my doubts, anyone who is from Coventry knows the awful things that happened at Club M, but I went along in hopes that this will be something great for Coventry and will hopefully draw in a better crowd.
I went along on a Monday evening with my mum, another Coventry Blogger Emily…

CHRISTMAS || Christmas at Esquires Coffee Coventry.

Christmas is well and truly on it's way...the lights have been switched on, shops are filled with gifts and decorations, mince pies are everywhere you look and christmas shopping is on the to do list! And one of my favourite things to do when Chtistmas shopping, is taking a well needed break with a festive drink and something to eat.

And recently, me and a few of the girls from Cov Bloggers were invited down to Esquires Coffee to try their new christmas drinks and food. 

When i first entered the shop I was blown away by their attention to detail with the display they had set up. It was the most Christmassy thing I had seen...and made me want to put my decorations immediately... It was gorgeous! And filled with the so many tempting treats for our taste buds.

When everyone arrived, it was time to try their Christmas drinks menu. There are three options in their Christmas drinks menu, each just as magical as the other. There is a Golden Flat White, which is a flat white with a touch …